a_chromatic_sea (a_chromatic_sea) wrote in csuvox,

Minutes 18 October 2007

The meeting wasn't that exciting (only four of us were there...) but
here are some important dates:

25 OCTOBER - RamRide
IS NOT HAPPENING because the night is full! DO NOT SHOW UP!!! :-P

12 November - movie night
Think of some good films that are reproductive-rights/sexuality related
that would get a good amount of folks interested

3 November - Planned Parenthood Training
We'll talk about this at our next meeting because I don't have all of
the details about it!

Next meeting: we're going to try and get room 24 in the LSC again (it's
right next to the ASCSU desk in the basement of the student center) but
someone will post about this for sure sometime soon. If nobody posts,
we'll just have the meeting in the Sunken Lounge, Thursday at 5.
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