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Minutes 27 September 2007

Vox Meeting Minutes, 27 September 2007

We decided on October 25th because it's when the most people said it would work for them. Laura - do you still have all of the info about this?

We're going to do tabling on the plaza October 11th from 11-2, since the next Officer Orientation thing is the 10th and we haven't had two officers go through it yet.

The date has been pushed back until sometime early next semester. We all sort of agreed that it would be a better idea to go through the Planned Parenthood training on the 3rd of November, have time to get into contact with all of the groups we want involved with the fair, and get our stuff prepared with time to spare instead of throwing it together in two weeks.

Until then, maybe doing a movie night sometime in November would be a good idea? Think of good sex-related movies and good times to show them!

We're having a guest - Teri (I'm probably spelling her name wrong), who I think is our liason in Denver. She's coming up to talk to us about Planned Parenthood as an organization, give us good messaging techniques as far as talking to pro-life people about PP, and other fun stuff. We don't know where this meeting is going to be yet as it'd be nice if we could actually reserve a room, so watch for a post/email from Jillian since she's in charge of this event!
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