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MEETING MINUTES: 20 September, 2007

Welcome to the test run of the CSUVox LiveJournal community! Hooray!

Okay, this week we talked about:

Ram Ride
We're going to try to do this on a Thursday night, because the hours will only be from 10:00PM-2:00AM. Here are some potential Thursdays that we can do RamRide, so if you're interested, please email me (Amy, secretary) directly at a_chromatic_sea@yahoo.com with which nights work for you, and we'll try to plan based upon that. The week of October 11th is midterms week, so we decided not to do it that week.

October 4
October 18
October 25

Safer Sex Fair
Tentative date: 17 OCTOBER 11:00AM-3:00PM in the Plaza

Possible groups to contact and get involved:
- Men's Project
- Campus Feminist Alliance
- Northern Colorado AIDS Project (NCAP)
- Doctor John's
- Black Student Services
- Adult Book Ranch
- Passion For the Planet (Amy'll be in charge of contacting the owner of this shop)

Think about any fun activities, booths, or other groups to include in the Safer Sex Fair and bring the ideas with you to the next meeting.

Planned Parenthood Training

Is on Saturday, 3 November from 9-5ish in Denver. Jillian is working on getting carpool stuff situated, so if you're interested in going, PLEASE contact her directly through the Yahoo!Group. This training is basically a crash course in all of the services Planned Parenthood offers, and is a great resource for us as a student organization.
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