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csuvox's Journal

CSU Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood at Colorado
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Voices for Planned Parenthood
This is th LJ for CSU Vox, a Planned Parenthood advocacy group at Colorado State University. This community is mainly for meeting minutes, entries concerning any bills/etc that are being brought up in politics regarding sexual health and/or abortion rights, and pretty much whatever else we feel we should keep a record of.

This is a moderated community, which means not just anyone can join. This is to preserve the integrity of the group as well as keep spammers away.

If you are a member and are posting something in this community, make sure that you make your entries Friends Only. This makes your entries viewable to ONLY members of this community. Please try to do this especially when your entry includes phone numbers, meeting places, and any other personal information. We've got the Yahoo!Group for all of the other stuff where people can talk about where to meet and all that jazz.